SexJapanTV sjt_24517-10-def-1 ASIAN BEAUTY IN BLACK

SexJapanTV sjt_24517-10-def-1

A mysterious Tokyo miss in black plants herself on a private toilet and explores her crotch with a curious hand. We don't miss an angle, since our two cameras are place to watch her full-on straight ahead, and also peer up at her pussy from inside the toilet. Her powder pink panties are lined with lacy panels and she's pure hot femininity. Our Asian lovely can barely catch her breath as her fingers slip deftly along the curves of her warm moist slit. They push away the panty crotch to get into the furry goodness beneath.

Her undies come down and there's nothing between twitching pussy and the determined fingers burrowing in. She teases it with soft little rubs and gently slides in. Then the finger sloshes into the juicy tunnel of love. It feels so good her hand trembles, and beads of creamy juice drizzle down the lips of her pussy. She lets out a volley of little orgasmic moans and rests her exhausted head against the cool tile wall.

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