SexJapanTV sjt_24517-9-def-1 FOXY LADY FLOWERED PANTIES

SexJapanTV sjt_24517-9-def-1

A sexy Asian miss fumbles with her hands, patting and rubbing the hot clit under her pantyhose and flowery print undies. She's in a private stall sitting on the toilet in peace and quiet. But nothing's as private as she thinks. We have once camera straight ahead of her catching every undulating movement as her arousal rises. And our second camera is a wonder of technology, hidden away just under the toilet rim and aimed straight into her crotch. All the hot feminine action is displayed in laser sharp focus and huge closeup for you to watch over and over. You're welcome!

Back to our beauty on the toilet. She's peeled down her pantyhose and her long slender fingers are rubbing her slit forward and back. Time to ditch those panties and get those fingers in where they will get a bigger payoff! With the heel of her palm planted against her mound, she slides the middle finger along the juicy slit. It slips inside and she mews and moans with delight. The other hand goes up to muffle the sound she can't hold back. Her whole body quakes in orgasm. Her hips spasm and she's shaking with pleasure. She pulls back her creamy finger and catches her breath.

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