VoyeurJapanTV vjt_26042_8-def-1 PEE STAINS AND PONYTAILS

VoyeurJapanTV vjt_26042_8-def-1

A casual miss with long ponytail wanders aimlessly along sidewalks, caught by our voyeur cam. As she looks around anxiously, it's clear she needs a place to pee. She squats, crouches, and holds her stomach in agony. Finally finding a spot behind a wall, she hikes her loose dress up and drops her panties. A fast hard stream shoots from her tight furry little pussy, then she drops her panties and walks away. The sneaky cameraman rescues the panties before he drives off.
A sexy maid in short denim skirt grabs her hips and runs down a secluded sidewalk then turns into a space between cars to squat and piss. Pulling aside her pantie's crotch, she sprays out a hot streaming splash of peepee. When she rushes away the camera is there to catch the puddle steaming on the bricks. a block away, she uses a napkin to blot up her wet shoes, legs and dripping poon. Walking away, her skirt shows a big wet stain across her trim behind.

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